Monday, September 22, 2014

Cooking: Monday Menu Returns

I miss blogging. I have thoughts going through  my head that I am itching to write about. However, it is really hard to sit down at a computer and put it all down here when I have been at a computer all day in my office.

One thing I would like to get back to doing, a baby step in the blogging direction is my Monday menu. Putting it online also helps me lock it away for the the week. I need that come Wednesday.

Steve and I recently joined Costco again and we love it a little too much. To keep us on the straight and budget, I have started keeping a log of the "bulk" items we buy and how often we actually have to purchase them. So far, so good. We go together and buy meat for the freezer. Then I spend about $70 for the rest of our veggies and such each week.

Our average for a family of four with breakfast and dinner at home 6 days a week is $170. Steve eats lunch almost every day here and I take it about 4 days a week. Weekends are more snacks during the day, but we cook real  meals two  nights of the weekend, often grilling.

I like the option of going to the freezer on Monday and pulling out the meat for Wednesday. Makes it easier to have limited options for this vegetarian! After a summer hiatus, I am ready for sweet potatoes to make their way back into our lives.

Officially Fall Menu
  •  Grilled barbecue chicken, baked sweet potatoes, sauteed spinach
  • Simple tomato soup
  • Pork carnitas 
  • Lobster ravioli with tomato mushroom sauce and green salad
  • Pork carnitas (football game) or quesadillas