Saturday, January 7, 2017

Why Not and A List

At our team meeting at work on Wednesday, we were asked what our New Year's resolutions are for 2017. Since I don't make resolutions, and I set the same goal every year, I shared my usual "read 100 books". I also explained that when I used to blog, I kept a list going month to month (at least for the first few years) of what my goals for that year were. When asked if I kept that up, I muttered something about computers and being busy and that "No, I am not doing that anymore". This felt really lame. I am not going to lie, I was a little embarrassed about the whole thing. 

The reason I was embarrassed is two fold. One, a dear friend had just stated that she was trying to read a book a month in 2017. So, I sounded like I was one upping her. Two, I set that same goal every year, and have for at least 10 years. LAME. Nothing is new  and I sounded like the ass clown I sometimes am.