Sunday, December 7, 2014

Dirt: Prancericise Yourself to Happiness

After that whiny post, I can imagine what anyone who read it must think of me. Whiny, self pitying, narcissistic... and lately that would be correct.

But I am turning that around.  After my crying vent, I realized I need to be learning. I am a learning kind of girl who needs a challenge to keep me moving forward. So, I am starting piano lessons in January! We have a baby grand that gets no love, so I am gonna be the one to show some love.

I am trying to have an open mind and heart, saying "YES"! To  things that come my way this month (I did  say no to big wheel racing yesterday, which I regret). I am a work in progress for sure. However, I am getting there.

Yesterday, I Prancercised  a mile race in costume with Steve. I have not laughed like that in months. Between the prancing and laughing, I could barely breathe. The effect was awesome, even freeing, since I was in front of hundreds of people!

All I can say is if I can continue to laugh at myself,  I think I am off to a great month!