Monday, August 29, 2011

Dirt: My life

When my oldest daughter was a baby,
someone gave me a bit of advice that was really helpful 
in making me feel like I was accomplishing things as a stay at home mom.
The advice was to write down everything I did. 
Diaper changes, breastfeeding, shower, etc. 
It made a big difference in the depression I was battling.

Lately, I have gotten overwhelmed by two things. 
The lack of accomplishments of being a stay at home mom.
The overwhelming tasks that are not getting accomplished.
Paradox, I know.

I struggle with mild depression occasionally. 
Usually seasonal, but also out of the blue it will hit me.

When things get me down, 
I usually resort to the "poor me" attitude of an angry adolescent girl

And, I usually resort to " I hate this house/my clothes/ my hair".
So, it really makes sense that with the anticlimactic period
that comes after a great vacation, 
the fact that I hate August
(it comes between the fun part of summer-the 4th of July and my birthday),
combined with 14 miles of baseboards to paint, I am feeling overwhelmed.

So, I have started one of my favorite things...a list.
I will not bore you with the details of it...

(Highlights of the morning list)
  • woke kids up
  • made lunch,
  • drove kids to school
  • ran 3.5 miles
  • took dogs outside
  • took garbage to curb
I am working my way back to organized and not list at a time.
And if that doesn't cure my depression, 
there is the thought that  September is only three days away 
AND I can always think of this...
I love you, George!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cooking: BORED

I have been working a lot lately. 
No, I did not get a job, at least not a paying one. 
However, I have been painting the wood in my house which basically is about 
14 miles of baseboards and crown moldings, 
87 kitchen doors and drawers
and 9 large old doors 
(I am not exaggerating about the doors, or much else for that matter). 

I hate "detail" painting so I have worked on just a little everyday so I don't get sloppy and aggravated. Thus, it took me two weeks to paint the doors and drawers in my kitchen.

My focus has also been on getting ready for the consignment sales
that I own with my super efficient partner 
(who is quite excellent at pulling her weight and mine as well, now that I think of it.)


So, between 100 loads of laundry, painting and setting up websites and mailing lists, 
I have become uninspired by food. 

Dinner is a dreaded thought. 
Last night we had hamburgers. 
We have had lots of tacos (three times last week, only once cooked at home) 
and grilled chicken...lots of grilled chicken.
I have eaten LOTS of salads and I am sick of salads.

I know  it is a mother's blessing/curse to create meals every day of the week.
I am privileged that I can afford chicken and seafood. 
And that I am not forced to scavenge my next meal. 
But blessings become monotonous as well. 

Anyone have a  go to website, cookbook, etc. that they love? 
I would love to hear about it!

I need some inspiration...maybe  you have some place you get yours?
A website? Favorite cookbook? 
Please share!