Monday, August 29, 2011

Dirt: My life

When my oldest daughter was a baby,
someone gave me a bit of advice that was really helpful 
in making me feel like I was accomplishing things as a stay at home mom.
The advice was to write down everything I did. 
Diaper changes, breastfeeding, shower, etc. 
It made a big difference in the depression I was battling.

Lately, I have gotten overwhelmed by two things. 
The lack of accomplishments of being a stay at home mom.
The overwhelming tasks that are not getting accomplished.
Paradox, I know.

I struggle with mild depression occasionally. 
Usually seasonal, but also out of the blue it will hit me.

When things get me down, 
I usually resort to the "poor me" attitude of an angry adolescent girl

And, I usually resort to " I hate this house/my clothes/ my hair".
So, it really makes sense that with the anticlimactic period
that comes after a great vacation, 
the fact that I hate August
(it comes between the fun part of summer-the 4th of July and my birthday),
combined with 14 miles of baseboards to paint, I am feeling overwhelmed.

So, I have started one of my favorite things...a list.
I will not bore you with the details of it...

(Highlights of the morning list)
  • woke kids up
  • made lunch,
  • drove kids to school
  • ran 3.5 miles
  • took dogs outside
  • took garbage to curb
I am working my way back to organized and not list at a time.
And if that doesn't cure my depression, 
there is the thought that  September is only three days away 
AND I can always think of this...
I love you, George!

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  1. Depression sucks...I don't battle with it personally, but I know people who do. So sorry, but glad to hear that you're doing things about it!