Monday, June 30, 2014

Cooking: A new kind of summer!

In addition to not blogging, I have not been reading a lot of blogs. I sit at a computer all day and so I don't want to do it for recreation either.

I have missed a lot, but not really. I noticed several of my favorite bloggers have taken breaks as well. Good to know I am in good company.

My sister Karen, who is in Bolivia as we speak.

Thursday, June 26, 2014's been awhile

I'm sort of back. At least for a minute.  The months have rolled by and with them a lot of wishing I was blogging.
Birthday girl did not get her post. 15 is grand and involves driving.

We went to two music festivals, with lots of great laughs and brought home lots of great long, long lasting memories.

Summer working is a new experience for me. The last summer I worked full time, I was not a mother. I sped home after work and went to the pool just as the moms were packing up. Suckers. Now, I go home and pick up my kids for their social or sports activities. Much different.

I started working out at Pure Barre and so far, I hate it in a good way. So out of shape, but feeling more energetic and inspired to do more.

My garden is coming along and is gorgeous. My backyard project is 80% done. I scraped the railing to paint and we installed reclaimed tin around our deck. Summer is what it is, busy and full.

I have missed blogging, mostly because it me time. My head time.  But, my head has been tired.