Monday, June 30, 2014

Cooking: A new kind of summer!

In addition to not blogging, I have not been reading a lot of blogs. I sit at a computer all day and so I don't want to do it for recreation either.

I have missed a lot, but not really. I noticed several of my favorite bloggers have taken breaks as well. Good to know I am in good company.

My sister Karen, who is in Bolivia as we speak.

Summer is here and with it a new way to have summer. My girls are busy as ever. One is doing a lot of camps (lacrosse, crew and sleep away) and the other is working (getting paid!), going to workouts and crew practice.We all have been participating in summer swim team, either swimming or judging meets.

Summer is my favorite time and I have not really enjoyed it as I like. However, I love my job and the answer to a lot of prayers that it brings.

Summer is also the time to eat.  I have a full fridge and a great menu this week. Also, my garden is starting to go crazy! And so is my neighbor's.

Casa Swann Happy Birthday America Menu 
  • Whole baked chicken/ watermelon /grilled salmon/ kale salad
  • Kale quiche/ bacon kale quiche/watermelon salsa
  • Barbecue chicken breasts/ kitchen sink salad with avocados and peaches
  • Zucchini boat enchiladas

In case you don't know...July 4th is my FAVORITE holiday!!!! Sparklers and red,white, blue and celebration of our beloved country!!!! There will be one of those blueberry strawberry cakes!!!!

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