Thursday, August 7, 2014

Whatever: Summer has been a little different

Hello my one reader...
I bet you thought I had given up on blogging.
I am a little rusty to be sure, but in my head, I am always thinking, blogging and arguing with the world.  My life has taken a big change from three years ago when I started this blog.

I have a full time job that I love. My bosses are super savvy, smart women who believe that I am as well. It is nice to be valued as such. The down side is that I spend my day on a computer and at the end of the not want to be sitting still. I have missed being hot and in the sun all summer and hanging out with my girls.

Speaking of which, my girls are growing, smarter and taller every single day. The oldest worked this summer as a camp counselor, babysitter and swim lesson giver.  Both girls have spent the summer reading all the books on the summer reading list and watching an insane amount of television since I was at work all day.

My youngest found her love of sleep away camp and is still on that high that comes from being independent and away. She wants to attend for three weeks next year. I have agreed to two.

My house is a lot  more cluttered, my deck is in need of staining and painting, but all in all we have had a great summer of transition and learning. We learned that both girls need a job and need to go to camp. We also learned what to take to camp and what to send in care packages (read candy!).  We have also learned that while my daughters are 13 and 15, Bob's Burgers and My Little Pony are equally awesome and can be watched over and over and over.

Steve and I snuck away for a short weekend of relaxing and hiking. A lot of eating and a little partying was also crammed in for good measure. We hiked a little bit of the Appalachian Trail and really had a lovely, lovely time. My awesome parents rocked the childcare and both girls had a nice time with them.

School starts in 11 days. In the meantime we are heading to a family reunion, catching two concerts and cramming in as many days with friends and fireflies  as we we can.

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  1. If I'm your one reader, I missed you boo:) Glad everyone had a great summer, sad to see another one coming to a close...