Friday, August 28, 2015

Taking it to 11!

I am a girl on a mission this weekend. Both of my kids are off doing teenage things and Steve is off doing man things. So, I am going to do Tanya things. That means clean my bathroom, buy new sheets and...paint  my bedroom.

The bedroom has been coming for about 6 years. We had it painted spur of the moment with some paint we had leftover from another project. So, it's white. At first I really liked it. White bedding, white walls, very soothing. Now, it is boring. I  need to punch it up a little and take it to 11. 

So, between now and tomorrow when I go buy paint, I have to decide what color to paint my very huge room (think  300 square feet).  I have had charcoal in my head for a long time. but now I am leaning towards the lighter grey that is throughout my house. 


Saturday, August 22, 2015

Dirt: I'm On A Mission...

Since I am back...I am going to go for two this morning. I am in the throes of reinvention in many parts of  my life. My closet is getting ripped to shreds and sent to donations. My house is getting cleaned top to bottom (so neglected) and my habits are getting a freshening up.

I tend to be a creature of habit. Routine is my friend and my comfort. However, I feel the need for a little shaking up. I took several weeks off and gave myself a break from working out to look into what I really want to be doing. Barre was great and a stress relief, but I am bored. Running has been off the table for me due to my knees,but I  have slowly headed back out and while I am struggling, I am enjoying being out there again.

teenagers do this to a person

My house has been a mess all summer. Kids at home tend to keep it that way and working 40 hours a week does not make it a top priority for cleaning. But, I have cobwebs, dirty windows, sticky floors and the "pass over" style is not really working.
my bedroom inspiration via

So, I am on a mission to reinvent myself, my house and my habit. Are you ever like that...getting a bee in your bonnet to shake things up?

Dirt: The Itch

School has started and my break is officially over! I took an unintentional break from blogging all summer long. I missed it, but it was a much  needed creative hiatus. Work is in front of a computer all day long and when I get home, I do not really want to sit in front of a different computer, even to exercise my creativity.

We painted over the graffiti wall

However, the itch has been really strong, I am.