Friday, August 28, 2015

Taking it to 11!

I am a girl on a mission this weekend. Both of my kids are off doing teenage things and Steve is off doing man things. So, I am going to do Tanya things. That means clean my bathroom, buy new sheets and...paint  my bedroom.

The bedroom has been coming for about 6 years. We had it painted spur of the moment with some paint we had leftover from another project. So, it's white. At first I really liked it. White bedding, white walls, very soothing. Now, it is boring. I  need to punch it up a little and take it to 11. 

So, between now and tomorrow when I go buy paint, I have to decide what color to paint my very huge room (think  300 square feet).  I have had charcoal in my head for a long time. but now I am leaning towards the lighter grey that is throughout my house. 




I am having a hard time choosing, since I am also on the hunt for new bedding. I love the look of linen  and ticking stripes right now, but Steve and I are hot blooded folks and duvets are not so great for us until mid winter!  I also am so in love with Pendleton blankets, that I am in search of a queen Glacier National Park blanket for our bed.  I love, love, love color, but I want a soothing and relaxing space for our bedroom.

I am excited to get the job done. This room has only been painted twice in 14 years of living in our house. I lived with bright blue and clouds on the ceiling for a few years before the first paint job! Ha! Here's to not waiting any longer. Happy weekend. 

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