Saturday, August 22, 2015

Dirt: The Itch

School has started and my break is officially over! I took an unintentional break from blogging all summer long. I missed it, but it was a much  needed creative hiatus. Work is in front of a computer all day long and when I get home, I do not really want to sit in front of a different computer, even to exercise my creativity.

We painted over the graffiti wall

However, the itch has been really strong, I am.

We crossed into new territory  and said goodbye to middle school! Now we are high schoolers! I, for one, am happy. Middle school is so full of hormones and drama! And since high school has no hormones or drama, we are now in safe waters. Right.

What we are is maturing. More responsibility and more freedoms. A lot more vigilance (BOYFRIENDS!) and a lot more worrying (DRIVING!). But the trade off is a greater and deeper relationship with my girls along with more free time for Steve and I together.

The girls  started school and I left for Texas this week for a work conference. Hectic? Yes! But we are almost all back home and in the nest and moving on with the school year. This is a very challenging year for both girls, as one is taking a slew of challenging classes  and the other is charting a course for herself into high school. I know both will hold their own and have a fantastic year of growth and personal achievement.

As for me, work is stepping up and I am ready for the challenge. As a part of an amazing team of women, I am challenged daily to work hard and be creative. A new  goal  has been set for our team which includes a major change for me. I am ready, gearing myself up mentally, as well as physically for the time and energy it will require. I  signed up for a half marathon, so I'm back on the streets and trails.

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