Thursday, April 23, 2015

Whatever: Mia's First Communion

I was thrilled to celebrate my niece's first communion last weekend in Ohio with my sister and her husband. They put on a great party afterwards and it was totally worth the 15 hours in the car in a 48 hour weekend!

I love that my family gathers for the "important things". We celebrate each other and our successes. Milestones are big and first communion is one of the biggest. My niece does not get it now, but when she is an adult, she will look back and realize the significance of the occasion.

We are on the whirlwind end of  year countdown that occurs every single year. Graduation from 8th grade also know as  "the move across the lawn" and May Day are two GPS traditions coming up for us. Finals, field trips, games and regattas are still on the books to get us  to summer.  I have spent the last few days finalizing summer plans and summer jobs.

Still, I had a moment of sitting in church with hundreds of others and witnessing the stillness of all the 2nd graders and the solemn occasion of  first communion. The stillness was nice and the occasion, special.


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