Thursday, April 2, 2015

Dirt: Our Baby is 14!

14! We are in denial that our baby is 14, but it has come and gone and we survived.

Ellie is stylish and fashionable. Literally the funniest person in the room, no matter what.  Kind and cool, her current loves are summer camp, Eno hammocks and rocking dad's old sweatshirts. My favorite thing about her is that she is eternally hanging out with "one of my best friends". All of her friends are considered "best". 

Sign from her 7th birthday! Makes an appearance every year! 

She is asked for art supplies and bikinis for her birthday. We obliged.  And they came days later in the mail! (Of course!)

The week prior, we went and watched her play lacrosse. In the rain. Three hours away. 

She was the cheery girl in the pink jacket on the side line yelling for her peers and one of the most active players on the field. She scored her first goal! (Yipee!) Totally worth sitting in the rain and driving all that way.

Birthdays are a big deal at Casa Swann. Delaney and I try to top Ellie's cake from the previous year. 
This year, we paid homage to four year old Ellie with a homemade ice cream cake complete with Pinky Pie and strawberry marshmallows. You can tell it was a hit.

As we look at 8 more weeks of middle school, it is weird. Our baby is 14! 

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