Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dirt: Hump Day Winter Hate

The weather is awful. Cold, damp and threatening snow. 
We have had two weeks of this. I am a southerner and I loathe cold, damp and snow. 

So on that note...Happy Wednesday! 
We can make it. We can make it. Say it with me...We can make it. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Gratituesday: The Desert in Winter

Gratituesday during Lent can be a time of reflection. The girls and I attended church Sunday and the message was one of hope. Everyone wanders the desert at some point of our lives. We also all are loved by God and only have to look up to hear Him say so.

I am grateful for a time of reflection.  Winter can be a desert. Lack of sun and interaction that being outdoors brings can make us all a little cranky.

This week's Gratituesday List

  • Only 13 more days until day light savings. Hallelujah!
  • Hot  tea and a television show is almost the same as going out used to be. Almost.
  • Freezer chili  on high school curriculum nights.  
  • A wool sock connection is like gold. I happen to have one. 
  • Attending a clothing swap with a ton of 30 somethings. Totally fun. 
  •  A great church in my neighborhood that the girls and I love. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Gratituesday: Wine, Exercise and Bookclub

Gratituesday is  back! I have slowly gotten back into my blogging routine. Lots of thoughts rambling around in this head of mine. Harder to put them on the screen. However, I feel better when I do, calmer in the brain area.

Gratitude is something I try to instill in my children as well as in myself. Being a grateful person is hard sometimes. I get caught up in the fairness of things, perceived or real. I live a pretty great life of my own choosing. My kids are amazingly healthy and full of life. My husband loves me and is doing a job he loves. Pretty great, right?

Here is this week's gratituesday list.

Cooking: Presidential Menu

The gals of Galentines Day

Monday, February 9, 2015

Dirt: A Smack to the Head

Oh snap! I had an epiphany on the trails today.  A realization that a prayer had been answered and I didn't really acknowledge it. Sort of like I had forgotten to write that 'Thank You" God.

Fast dogs and faster husband

 This is why I hit the trails. Today, I literally hit them, with my feet. Steve invited me for a trail run. I have not been running at all, so I was by myself most of the run. Which was fine.  I took my time and ran nearly the entire hour. I don't listen to music when I trail run because I am listening for wildlife. Snakes, bears, wolves, barracudas... so I end up being in my head. Being outdoors is a form of meditation for me.

Sandwiched rock

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Dirt: Kick Winter to the Curb

I love how most blogs right now are kind of on hiatus. Winter is boring, people!

We cook, we eat. We work and exercise. We are boring. I got offered a ticket to hear a band that I love last night and turned it down. Partly because I had the beginning of what I now know is a virus and partly because it is winter and I am exhausted.

I am ready for these pasty legs to see some sunshine. To eat my lunch outdoors and to open all the windows of my house to fresh air.

Today, the Belle and I are both home sick. I worked some, but I really slept most of the day. It was a rough one. Headache, chills, stomach yuck. And it is winter. BLAH!  I have had tea, naps, more tea, a waffle and now I am ready for bed. And some sunshine.

I can't complain too much. My girlfriend in Maine has was looks like 17 feet of snow. My sister has snow. My life is good because I have no snow. But I do have winter and I for one am ready for it to be over! Bring on the beach! Bring on the heat! Bring on Summer!

Time to kick winter to the curb!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Whatever: Februrary The List

Here it is already, the first day of February. That weird month of president birthdays, Valentines days and cold weather.  I always associate February with cold. Even growing up in Texas, it seemed February was the "real winter". Now it is that month that is full of holiday breaks (kids), chocolate (me) and being cold.

My parents celebrate an anniversary this month. The loonies got married on Leap Day. So weird. Just like them. Happy anniversary month, Mom and Dad! I love you and the weirdness that makes you both so awesome.


I am working on my list this year, keeping it in mind when I plan meals, workout, plan for the future... I love lists and this is a good one this year. A doable one, for sure.

February 2015 THE LIST 

  • Get the piano tuned : I'm on the list for the tuner to call. Apparently they are in high demand this time of year.
  • Start piano lessons (Me!): See above
  • Read 55 books including the Ken Follet Century Books : I have read 7 books so far this year! Truly a record!
  • Cook one new ethnicity meal a week: So far, Thai, Italian and Mexican. Turns out, I don't need new ethnicity, just new recipes.
  • Hike 50 hikes :Three hikes so far. Prentice Cooper, Sunset Rock and Point Park. Total: 11 miles
  • Redo my kitchen and bathroom floors (learn to tile!): Later this year.
  • Take the popcorn ceiling down in my living room:Later this year
  • Paint the downstairs ceilings:Later this year
  • Take girls on dates: They are busier than me!
  • Read the Bible : Not a page
  • Start phase II of landscape plan: Starting planning.
  • Purge, purge, purge! : Three bags already left. Working on books next
  • Say YES!  Joined a bookclub AND a running group.
  • Exercise 5 days a week. So far so good! Yesterday, twice!