Monday, February 9, 2015

Dirt: A Smack to the Head

Oh snap! I had an epiphany on the trails today.  A realization that a prayer had been answered and I didn't really acknowledge it. Sort of like I had forgotten to write that 'Thank You" God.

Fast dogs and faster husband

 This is why I hit the trails. Today, I literally hit them, with my feet. Steve invited me for a trail run. I have not been running at all, so I was by myself most of the run. Which was fine.  I took my time and ran nearly the entire hour. I don't listen to music when I trail run because I am listening for wildlife. Snakes, bears, wolves, barracudas... so I end up being in my head. Being outdoors is a form of meditation for me.

Sandwiched rock

Today, I had a moment of clarity while running. I was thanking God for the beautiful views I was enjoying and for the ability to drive minutes from my house to get there. The clarity came when I realized that I have a job. That I like. That took me three years after I started praying for it to find. Literally the best job for me, in the situation I am in, at this exact moment in time. And, had I found something else, more serious other than my little delivery job, I would have not been in the mindset  to take this perfect job, that makes me happy, gives me satisfaction and puts me in a group of women who value me for me.

Winter kudzu

Hand smack to the head! Literally! I have given thanks for the job. For the people I work with and for the prayers it answered. Never had I stopped to think "Thank you for making me wait!" or "Thank you for your will, not mine. ".

I yelped on the the trail a little, and had a moment of embarrassment. You know when you get caught being bull headed and an idiot. Well, this  was that moment. I felt really foolish, but really happy as well.

Side view of sandwich rock

So often I want what I want, when I want it, no questions asked. I do ask for guidance, but rarely wait for it to come, pushing ahead to "do it my self". This is why I am out in the woods. To listen and actually hear, to open my mind to what is being whispered to me on a daily basis by a loving and extremely patient God.

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