Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Cooking: Presidential Menu

The gals of Galentines Day

We had a glorious weekend of beautiful sunny weather and then POW! Today...rain/sleet/yuck! I am grateful the forecast was wrong. Although I knew it would be because my friends at the Farmers Almanac said no snow.  I go by the farmers over everyone else.

We are back full force this week after a nice, relaxing break. Baby girl was at Disney for her school trip. House was very quiet without her here. She had a blast, bonding with her girl friends and teachers.  Delaney had a Galentine's party a friends house and then spent the day with them Saturday. Presidents day weekend is always a relaxing weekend for most of us at Casa Swann.

Steve and I had a nice Friday the 13th dinner at a great restaurant, doing our favorite thing...sitting at the  bar. Saturday, I did a PB class with my girlfriend and then Steve and I went for a Valentines Day hike on a trail I had not been on in awhile. 6 down, 44 to go! We cooked, exchanged gifts with the girls and inhaled molten lava cake that I made. Then we passed out from calorie overload!

This week promises cold weather and icy winds. Yuck. So, I am brain storming meals that are warm and filling for our crew. If it warms up, we start lacrosse this week. Crew continues in the warmth of the boathouse on ergs.The girls  hate them, but it makes them faster and gets them ready for a fast spring season.

I am in a burpee challenge with my husband, his best friend and his wife.  We are at 29 today, heading to 100.  Yikes.

Have a warm, presidential week.

Casa Swann (not so) Snowmageddon Menu
  • Baked pasta with lots of veggies (left over plain pasta)
  • Burritos with homemade refried beans
  • Barbecue chicken,  scalloped sweet potatoes, roasted broccoli, corn bread
  • Thai soup

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