Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Gratituesday: The Desert in Winter

Gratituesday during Lent can be a time of reflection. The girls and I attended church Sunday and the message was one of hope. Everyone wanders the desert at some point of our lives. We also all are loved by God and only have to look up to hear Him say so.

I am grateful for a time of reflection.  Winter can be a desert. Lack of sun and interaction that being outdoors brings can make us all a little cranky.

This week's Gratituesday List

  • Only 13 more days until day light savings. Hallelujah!
  • Hot  tea and a television show is almost the same as going out used to be. Almost.
  • Freezer chili  on high school curriculum nights.  
  • A wool sock connection is like gold. I happen to have one. 
  • Attending a clothing swap with a ton of 30 somethings. Totally fun. 
  •  A great church in my neighborhood that the girls and I love. 

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