Monday, September 5, 2011

Whatever: End of summer

My favorite season is coming to an end...

Well, in my mind anyway. Summer's official closing is today.
The temperatures will continue to be summer like until about a month from now. 
But in my heart and the hearts of most Americans, Summer is over.

I loved this summer for lots of reasons. 
I took it easier than most summers and did not run myself 
and my family ragged involving my kids in too many activities.

This summer, only one child played a sport. 
We went to the beach for a very relaxing kick of to summer  the first week of summer.
The epitome of summer

We grilled or cooked almost every single day, eating things like tomatoes, salad and chicken. 
Dishes were very easy.

My sweet parents spent a month here mostly just hanging out and that was very  wonderful as we will  not see them again until Christmas.
There is something about hanging with your dad that is just very relaxing as an adult.

My sweet husband took me on a great vacation with 
some of my dearest friends to celebrate my birthday. 
Sailing with the girls

We went to one of my favorite spots. Where kooky and heat rule.

Hilarious dude at Mallory Square

One daughter earned an award for working hard at something that does not come easy to her.

The other daughter stepped it up in something that does.

Go! Go! Go!

I did not do a lot of things this summer that I normally when the days are long and hot.
I did not spend every waking hour at the pool. I missed that terribly.  
I did not hang out with my friends talking late into the evening. Again, missed that as well.
I did not go on a trip with my sisters and that missed event is starting to show in my conversations with them. We need our sibling time to recharge our daily lives. That I missed the most.

Still,  it was a lovely summer.
I will mourn it like I mourn all the other summers that I have loved. 
In February, when it is colder than I ever care for it to be and I cannot stand one more minute of layering clothes to keep warm, I will have a pity party for myself and Summer. 

But for now, I am sighing with contentment after an excellent summer.

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