Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dirt: I 've been busy AND other things

I have been really busy working at my seasonal business.
The second one starts this weekend and my partner and I loaded a big ol' uhaul full of stuff 
and then she drove it down a mountain and we unloaded. 
I, for one, am tired!

I love our little businesses and how we work as a team, a fairly cohesive one most of the time. 
Although I am sure I drive her bonkers.
She is meticulous. 
Everything about her is meticulous. 
Her handwriting looks like type. 
Her house is always neat as a pin and she saves useful things like bags, but you never see clutter.
I am more fly by the seat of my pants...jump in and then figure it out as we go along. My handwriting is decent and legible. Not like type.
I save nothing, except useless things like one shoe of my daughter's.

She also is really positive and rarely complains.
I complain ALL the time. For sport. 
She is always engaging and kind and I love her dearly for that.
Today, we moved 1,000 racks, tables, cash registers, hangers, and other necessary items.
Tomorrow, we will work to arrange them in a lovely and hopefully, asthetically pleasing fashion.
Women will bring their lovely clothing, purses, etc to sell.
We will sell them.

My poor family suffers during these two months, as I am more scattered than normal.
I do laundry in fits. 
I forget things 
(My partner never forgets anything. Ever. She is a steel trap.) 
I slack.
I am tired. 

However, it makes me a little more smarter as
I speak to someone other than the dog.
I dress better and even bathe a lot more regularly.
I buy treats for my kids more because I feel guilty that I have forgotten something.
 I am a terrible working mother.
Alternating between neglect and bribes.
But I am also better for it.
I am busy and I love it!

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