Monday, August 1, 2011

Cooking: A fire has been lit

It has been established that I love to cook. 

What I don't love is the monotony of planning for
and cooking 86 meals a week.
We usually have dinner at home 6 days a week,
lunch 6 days a week and breakfast, every day.
(I guess that is not 86 meals...but you get my point.)
Variety is the spice of life, and sometimes, Casa Swann is not so spicey.

Oh the pressure...

But I do try, and having some "new" recipes helps. Also, having two of the three people I cook for being willing to eat whatever is put in front of them is helpful as well. "Picky Pants" and myself are the high maintenance ones. Her not eating anything green, spicy, or interesting and me not eating meat or peas. 

All summer, I have suffered a malaise for cooking,  but now that I am back from vacay and can eat carbs again, I have a new zest for cooking. (Pun intended)

So, in my quest to keep it spicy and interesting and fresh, I read LOTS of magazines, books, blogs and boxes. Always looking to try a new veggie or spice, we have lots of interesting garbage. 
Lately, I am trying is a scary place for me to go.
However, recipes that give temperatures are really helpful. 
So are people who will eat anything with bbq sauce on it. 
As it is 104 in the shade and  only supposed to get hotter, 
I am not using the oven or stove if at all possible.
Grilling and slow cooking will be my best friends.

Casa Swann will be full of new meals this week.
Some interesting, and some according to my husband, not so much. 
However, we will be fed and we will like it.

Casa Swann lunch/dinner Menu 

Asian spiced grilled chicken legs, kitchen sink salad, grilled zuchini
Flattened grilled veggie ciabatta sandwiches 
Southwest bbq butt and stuffed poblano peppers
 chili dogs and home made sweet potato fries
Tacos with ground beef and grilled veggies

What are you people eating?  Anything striking your fancy this week?

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