Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dirt: literally

I used to like to clean my house. 
Back when the inhabitants of my house were me and my cat. 
I actually liked doing it. I would put on some Neil Young or Nirvana  and go to town.

Then...I got married, got two dogs, another cat, two kids
and a very liberal sense of what a clean house is.

I actually now hate to clean. I mean, that stuff that you do when people are coming over, clean.
Like dust. 
(I found "Merry Christmas" written in dust on my April.)

So, I am teaching my children to clean. 
It is like teaching a monkey to drive. 

In theory, they have the skills.
In reality, it ain't ever going to happen like it actually should.

So, as I found my lazy self telling my 10 year old..."Go put the pink clothes in the washer and start it". I realized, school starts in a week or so and I cannot blame my "clean" house on my kids anymore.
It was a good run while it lasted.

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