Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Whatever: Harry Potter is gone.

Yep, it's over.
  The run we had with Mr. Potter is over. 
My kids will get a little bit more mileage out of it with the purchase of the DVD,
but for me it is officially over.

We went last night to the midnight showing of the newest and last movie. 
I have never been to a "midnight" release and I must say, it was fun, but exhausting.
Took two middle school girls. We made our masks, planned our outfits and watched the first half of the movie for good measure.
We snuck in candy and wore our special glasses and sat there
for an hour and a half waiting for the previews.

Midnight...I was so sleepy!

Then, it started...

The movie was exactly what you would expect.
Excellent, thrilling and the perfect ending to a long run.

But as sad as I am that the movie has been watched and there are no more. I am sadder for the fact that there are no more books.  We waited in line at midnight for the release of the last book as well.
I stayed up until 6 am reading it,devouring it.
The books were so wonderful, full of imagination and intelligence and obviously the product of hard work and a labor of love by the author. 

There are few books out there that have so many devotees. Most appeal to a certain demographic and while there may be a large group of  that demographic that love that one book or series, there is  nothing like Harry Potter. Every age, every nationality loves these books.
Not even our beloved C.S. Lewis could muster that devotion.

I myself had a hard time starting the series. I owned the first one for almost six months before I could muster the energy to read "a kids book". My sister had read the first two and raved about them so much, I finally read it. Then I read the second one that same week. I fell in love with the characters.I was hooked. 

So, as I mourn the ending of what I consider to be an excellent adventure story, I hope for one thing. That somewhere out there is a little girl who loved it as much as I .Loved it even more,so much more that she is inspired to write her own well thought out,well imagined labor of  love whom my grandchildren, my children and I will all fall in love with and mourn it's passing.

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