Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First of the month: A week late...

 School started back this week in my neck of the woods and last week was filled with all things FUN. 
We had a cousin in from North Carolina who is the epitome of FUN and COOL.

So we did all the things we really want to do but never do because we are busy doing the things we have to do.
She came on Tuesday afternoon and between then and Sunday afternoon when she left we did the following:
Blondeness is all it's glory!
  • Ate ice cream at our favorite local ice cream spot, Clumpies
  • Went to an Imax movie
  • drove go carts
  • played putt putt
  • went white water rafting
  • showed her our favorite sit com du jour (The Big Bang Theory)...an entire season of it!
  • Went to hear live music
  • ate out to eat about 15 times including Taco Mamacita, Taco bell, Subway...all the hotspots
  • showed her where we go to school
  • went to the local farmer's market 
  • Shopped for fun clothes at the mall
  • went to church
  • played soccer with the local professional soccer team
Somehow in there we also fit in soccer practice and hanging out watching movies. It was a great week and I got to see what it would be like to have three daughters. Sort of. There was little fighting (my kids argued a few times) and I didn't have to tell my niece to behave even once.

Since she left, I have been busy, doing all the last minute back to school things AND working on my to do list.
Here is an updated August To Do and Too Done.
BIG LIST  2011
#1 Eat less sugar -whatever! Since I got back from vacay it is sugar all the time!
#2 Cook a new ethnicity once a week-we so rock this now. #3 Paint the doors and trim in my house -trim is getting painted AND kitchen cabinets are done!
#4 Read 100 books -books are getting read. I read two since Friday!
#5 Find inner peace -I am such a sucker...
#6 Learn 60 Bible verses Uhm...nope.
#7 Get a new hairstyle  need a new one now...
#8 Reduce my carbon foot print -back to school puts a cramp on this, but we did reuse several things from last year.
#9 Reduce my spending -Two words BACK TO SCHOOL...actually 3
#10 love more-I currently hate my dog.
#11 Train for a half marathon -finished it and am now onto a new goal
#12 learn to swim-most exciting! SNORKELED...in the ocean!
# 13 Embrace my inner craftiness -not enough time. But, I did watch my daughter create and amazing dragon project for school. And, I have been painting trim. Doesn't that count?

All in all, it was a very productive month. Now I am working on my business(es), trying to get kids where they need to be (soccer practice, swim practice,school, orthodontist, sleepovers, pool parties...) and make sure homework gets done and teeth get brushed. 

Life is great and I am exactly 21 days away from 4-0! 


  1. Where do you get inspiration for ethnic foods? Please pass that on!

  2. Internet and my endless cookbooks.