Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Dirt: Boston Was Amazing and Hard to Describe

There are no words to describe going to Boston to watch my oldest daughter compete in the Head of the Charles. The emotions were high then entire time, both for her and for me.

 I was trying to be the calm in the teenage storm that is junior year with an added once in a lifetime sporting event. But I was also there as MOMMMA...the obsessed super fan. I was with a few other MOMMAS, each of us obsessed in our own way. (And one little sister).

We toured a little tiny bit. Harvard because I made her. MIT because it is her life's dream. Quincy Market and a lot of riding the T were our big adventures.  But mostly we were there to understand that which is Boston's best known sporting event, the Head of the Charles River.

The epitome of rowing. And she got to row along side the world's elite rowers. In the freezing cold. So cold there was lake effect snow.  So windy that they were frozen for hours.  The weather got worse as they waited to start and they were nearly frozen.

So amazing. They finished strong and while they did  not earn an automatic return, we were so proud of their work and bravery. They are truly amazing girls, who were disappointed with their finish. I know it will slowly dawn on them the magnitude of their day. But until then, Boston was wonderful.

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