Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Exercising: Carrots

I am closer and closer to the 4th decade mark. And, as I have watched all of my girlfriends hit it themselves, I have been impressed by one thing. They ALL look amazing!
So, I feel the pressure to be in excellent physical shape when I turn 40.
I mean...the bar has been set and I have to work to meet it.

I just needed a carrot to dangle out there. 

I planned and scheduled a trip  that is actually happening about 6 weeks before my 40th birthday as summer is my favorite season and I could not wait to celebrate.

As a carrot to myself, I picked a place that requires little clothing and many bathing suits. Where people are weird and don't care if you act a little crazy celebrating your birthday. 

 And since gravity has had it's nasty way with me and things are...ahem, lower...than they used to be,
I have been busting my rear to get/stay in some sort of respectable shape. 

 I started training for this:

And I have been doing my version of this:

I call it T45Xish...

And I have been making peace with this:
It might take awhile to make peace with all of this...

 My goal has been bikini, but also pullup ability (I can now do three) and overall health and wellness. Just got back from seeing my internist and she declared me fit as a fiddle and  in excellent shape.
  I love her and she is my new best friend.

So, I am going on a trip that promises to be full of fun and laughs as well as a celebration of me and the person I am inside. That person is lucky, healthy and happy to be  surrounded by excellent friends and family. Should be a blast! 
Think I will celebrate by doing a little of this:

That's me...blowing a kiss after I bust it!

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