Friday, July 13, 2012

Exercise: I am not

I had gotten my butt back in gear this summer with my fabulous plan.
I dropped my kids off at their respective summer activities and then I strapped on my iPhone and went for a run. I averaged 4 very slow miles up and down Chattanooga's famous hills. I was doing great, feeling fine, getting my legs back. My knee was only bothering me on occasion and I was sweating like a beast. I didn't mind that it was 8:30 and 92 degrees. I just thought about running when it was cool.

I was back.


We started renovations and I started a new job.

Exercise became more sporadic. 
This week....
It died.

I was feeling guilty, but then I thought about it.

I can take a week (or 10 days) off and not fall off the wagon.
I can eat healthy and maintain my weight. (The real reason comes to light!)

So what, I am getting bat wings. 
Big deal,  I feel slug like. 
My life will not fall apart.
I don't get back to it on Monday.

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