Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Gratituesday: Exercise and Yeast

Gratituesday started as a plan for me to be present in my thankfulness for my blessings. The little things in life that make me happy or a better person. I am easily bogged down by negativity of others and my own self talk. This is a way for me to "count my blessings" as my ever chipper Grandmomma used to say.

 Gratituesday List
  • Nutritional yeast. I have used it to ween off grains by adding it to last night's salmon cakes, this past weekend's waffles, today's frittta...
  • Saying "yes" to reading to 4th graders. They all clapped when I finished. I was on cloud 9! 
  • Juicing. Not delicious, but I feel amazing after. 
  • Steve drinking the juice with gusto. 
  • Steve challenging Travis to 100 burpee challenge and me jumping on the bandwagon. Goodbye bingo jigglers! Today is day 43.
  • Pure Barre for offering a 20 in 31 challenge. I'm sore already.
  • Modest Mouse in Chattanooga. Getting me through my winter-no-music- festival-doldrums! 
  • Sophomore year, for not being junior year. 
  • 8th grade, for not being kindergarten. 
  • Chattanooga Library, for feeding my obsession! 
  • March, for reminding me May is almost here.

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