Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dirt: Prayer life

 Let me preface this posting with this warning....this is about prayer to God. I am not a huge fan of discussing my personal religious life outside of "Where do you go to church?" And, I find often people that talk about praying, their "walk with God" or who quote scripture come off as a little phoney. So, it is with humble heart and foot in mouth that I publish this post.


I am in a drought.
No, not in my city, although that applies as well. 
I am in a prayer drought.

I find myself drifting off to another thought when I am praying. For instance, this happens all too often:"Thank you for my healthy family...did I start the we have enough dog food for tomorrow..."And as it is a conversation, I realize it is very rude.I mean, God doesn't roll His eyes, or at least I hope He doesn't. Boy, will I be embarrassed if I find out He has been rolling them all along. 

 I find myself losing interest in praying. I have a weekly list of those I pray for, but usually, I forget, or I pray once and then move onto watching reruns of "Top Chef". I find when I am not spending time with God on a regular basis,I turn really cynical and can get myself down in the mouth. I had started praying when I ran, but eventually the siren song of my ipod won out.

I am embarrassed to admit this,but I am down to the dinner and good night prayers. TRULY sad. I recently  had a bit of a wake up call from a friend and I am trying to get back todiscussing things better with God. Asking for things less and truly having a real prayer life. A friend loaned me a book about having a prayer life. I hope that it jump starts me back. 

How do you keep yourself out of a drought?

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