Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dirt: Summer bum

I have a confession to make. I love summer.
I know, EVERYONE loves summer. 
But, I  adore it like it is my favorite friend who brings me treats whenever she comes over and lets me wear her designer shoes. I love it for a whole other reason.

I like to be lazy. 
Don't mess with me while I am being lazy

Laziness is one of the seven deadly sins. 
Sloth is the other word for it. And, I my friends, am lazy. 
I am lazy in that I don't like to do the little detaily 
things that drive you nuts,
but make your life really nice.

When my kids were littler, I didn't really enforce the bathing issue if they had been in a pool.
 I mean chlorine is a form of soap, right? Never mind that they had crunchy hair and my baby has had a serious dreadlock every summer since she finally grew hair at age two.

My hygiene is lacking as well, but mostly it is the hair dryer that gets a big break in the summer. I don't usually stink or have crunchy hair.

Also, with kids and dogs running in and out all day long, my floors don't get mopped very often in the summer, because, really what is the point? 
Unless they are sticky or someone I don't know is coming over, 
they only get a pass over about once a month.

Eating is excellent in the summer and I do eat. A lot, usually straight out of my garden.
But do I cook? 
Not so much.
Again, laziness is easy because there are salads and grilled items. 
Fewer dishes to do and meals to plan.
Lazy Girl... I should write a book.

But this summer is different. I am looking for a job. I am working on my house.
I am getting up before 9:30. (YIKES)
I am trying to be a better wife and mother by actually making a plan of what we will eat and maybe enforcing a bath or two. 

What are you doing this summer? 

Here is my list in lieu of my monthly list...
  • Mopping the floors once a week
  • Eating less hamburgers and more fish
  • Teaching my daughters the next steps of housekeeping (last year laundry, this year toilets!)
  • Making sure that my youngest does not grow dreadlocks that require a haircut like last year due to inadequate bathing
  • Cooking something other than boiled eggs, frozen pizza and salad 
  • Making sure that my family has an excellent summer by not over scheduling them
  • Going to the drive in at least twice
  • Going to the beach
  • Going on an adult only beach trip
  • Finding the perfect job that requires me to wear fabulous sundresses and excellent hats (I think cruise director is the job for me!)

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  1. Job? Why? I could totally see you in a floral shop. Something like Clay Pot.

    Summer is da best!!!!!!!