Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer Bum continued

Vacay is kicking! 
Thus (since Friday) I have read three books, run four times, ridden bikes, been on a date ( which my children crashed), learned to SUP, gotten sunburned, watched the sunset, ate outside,have been to a play AND to a concert,  haven't watched one second of television and not have driven my car farther than 2 miles. I love it!

As a devoted slacker and wannabe professional vacationer, I love a trip that allows me to lay around and read. My kids are pretty much old enough that I can keep one eye on the page and one eye on them. On this trip, I have read on the beach, in the pool, in the sun porch, in bed
and standing in the local bookstore. I am in heaven!

I am reading "summer" books for the most part and
so I am going to give a brief review of one I read that I really liked.
If you are like me and like a "lighter" book to read while sitting by the pool or beach,
this is one for you.

I have to preface with two things...
one- the book I read was an advance uncorrected copy, so somethings might be a little different
two-you can borrow it if you live in my area

A Vintage Affair
Isabel Wolff

The book has several of the important criteria that I have for books that I love. The story takes place in London, a place I absolutely love.The main character, Phoebe Swift, has worked at Sothebys as an expert in vintage clothing and has decided to go out on her own and open a high end vintage shop. She carries a large burden of guilt over the loss of her dear friend, Emma. Of course, in the vein of all the books about twenty/thirty something British women, there is a goofy, handsome man and a much wanted but unhealthy handsome man. In this subject, the book reads like Shopaholic, Bridget Jones and even the American version, The Nanny Diaries. However, this one has a hook and this is where it got my attention and caused me a very serious sunburn. Phoebe occasionally goes to pick up clothing from women who want to sell their treasures and in this instance, meets Mrs. Bell, who carries her own burden of guilt about a friend of her won. The book has enough history, both of the fashion world and of the world that it was an excellent, mindless read.

If  you are looking for something a little more substantial that your typical chicklit, this is a great book.

It's summer...enjoy!
PS...I have actually read five books (two since I started this post) while I have been on vacation here at the beach. Go figure I am staying in the home of the owners of a bookstore! Heaven!

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  1. sounds fabulous..we head to seaside the 18th and I can't wait! I don't think I will accomplish as much as you though..3 books and 4 runs???