Sunday, February 20, 2011

Food of my body...the menu

I am working all week and have a 30 minute commute. I realize that loads of people have this and I am not special in any way. However,  I have a 30 minute commute about 4 times a year and it throws me off schedule. So...dinner this week will be easy peasy! And since I am working two evenings, easy for the husband to throw together with little complaint from the peanut gallery. I also got my ethnic fix!

Dinner at Casa Swann 
Sunday: homemade pizza (it was delicious!)
Monday: Salmon with mojo sauce and crispy zucchini and squash
Tuesday: Baked Chicken with rice and peas (working! I HATE  peas. And chicken.)
Wednesday: Salmon cakes with mexican roasted sweet potatoes
Thursday:Greek Salad with grilled chicken for the carnivores
Friday: Hot and Sour Shrimp Soup and Veggie Fried Rice
Saturday: we are going out!

We have started the envelope system for groceries and I have set my budget at $250 for the week. This includes food and "supplies". So far I have kept it within about $5. I am super psyched that we eat so well for so little.

Eating at home has been really good for us. We are all healthy, skinny and we eat much cooler food than we would going out all the time. Plus the leftovers don't dry out in those Styrofoam boxes!

Happy Week to all of you!

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