Thursday, February 10, 2011

Whatever: Text Peeves

 I love texting. Seriously, it is awesome. You can ask one simple question without going through the whole rigmarole of  chitchat. You can make little snarky comments to your spouse about the other parents sitting and waiting for their kids to finish whatever annoying sport/rehearsal/class is the event du jour. You can drive your child batty with LOTS of random questions about where the dog is/where their sister is/did they brush their teeth/did they do their homework and other inane paybacks questions. You can keep a really good joke going for DAYS with your friends.

As someone over the age of 12, texting is not my main form of communication. I will call a person if I have more than a quick question. I will walk into the room where the person I need to converse with  is sitting. I do not need to keep in constant contact with ALL of my friends ALL of the time.   I have even...wait for it...left my phone off/in another room/ in the car for long periods of time. I can even sleep with my phone on a different level of my house!

I can appreciate the fact that I am a different generation than someone who is in their 20's. I actually embrace that a little because it means that am I done with the insanity of my 20's. Mine were fun, I loved them, I have the t-shirt. (Actually, I do... it has "What do you do when you see a bear in the woods...Play DEAD" ).

So, I find it really weird when people my age use TTYL, IMO, LMAO and other texting abbreviations. Maybe I missed that part of texting because I had a cheap flip phone and came to the game late? Maybe I am a snob ( Sis, don't go there!) and I enjoy  proper grammar?  But the abbreviations really annoys me.  Now don't get me wrong,  I will use the classic OMG, but that goes back to my wannabe valley girl days (man I am dating myself in this post...) and I am typically being ironic.

Am I the only one here that thinks this is a little like saying "Totally Tubular" or something is  "Bitchin" ? I regularly text my almost 21 year old nephew who is in college and one of the coolest and real people around. He taught me how to use punctuation in my texts when he was 15. NEVER do you see at LMAO in his texts. Neither from his younger brother.

I have a lot of pet peeves. I am annoyingly rigid and intolerant when it comes to most of them. I am trying to keep this from becoming one of my PPTDMTC.

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