Sunday, February 6, 2011

Whatever: Ikea or the best store on earth

Yesterday, I convinced my family to go to the ATL to hit the Ikea and Trader Joe's. Now before you get started, the "nothing new" does not apply to my business and we needed a table to go with our other one we bought a few years ago at the Ikea. (Yes, I am from the south and we say "the" about everything. THE K-Mart, THE Wal-Mart, THE Bilo...)
I heart

Now, I know most of you live in cities with ports, so you have been to the Ikea. For those of you who have not...well... you are missing out!
  • First, it has a child care center. I am past that point in my life, but the idea of it is FABULOUS
  • Second, it has 50 cent hot dogs and dollar frozen yogurt. That is downstairs. Upstairs it has a full cafeteria. 
They serve lunch, People. Just like the K-Mart did when we were little kids and it was cool to eat there. I had crepes with vegetables yesterday at the Ikea. Yum-o! My family did not choose as well, and their food wasn't as fab. Too bad!

The Ikea also has just about everything you could ever want for your funky styled house. And it is fairly inexpensive and fairly fair quality.

Now, I forgot it was Saturday and so it was mega crowded and my husband was a trooper and only freaked out once. My kids love the Ikea  as much as I do (they picked it over the zoo once).So it was pretty painless. We looked at counter tops for the (hopefully) upcoming kitchen counter redo. We looked at bed frames for the oldest and rugs for the oldest and desks for the oldest...She recently moved into our guest room and it needs some love.

My sweet husband bought himself a chair for his office (again business purchase). I bought my table and we left. But not before I lusted after lamps, a cow skin rug, hooks that look like puppy dog tails,  a fabulous farmhouse sink and the model apartments. Seriously, I would like to live in just 300 square feet. I would love to clean just 300 square feet. But that would involve me living by myself.

After the Ikea, we hit the uber popular Trader Joe's. Seriously, it was the most popular place in town. All I wanted was canned clams, pears for my buddy, and WINE. I got clams, wine, cookies, peppers, seafood mix, Altoids, apples, taco shells, and a few other goodies. So cheap, no bad stuff and did I mention wine. 13 bottles of lovely wine for $91. Amazing! No pears for my buddy. Bummer because after she raved about them, and to quote my friend Toni, "I had my mouth all set for them!"

I heart

It was finally a sunny day. We listened to 80's new wave and our kids now know all the words to Wall of Voodoo's "Mexican Radio". We ate weird Swedish food and bonded with the checkout guy at TJ's over our pit bull.The baby got sick and so we came home without eating at El Taco, but all in was a very good day.


  1. That sounds like a VERY good day!

  2. What a fun day. Sounds like both a good places to visit.

  3. It was fun, but my food was GROSS.