Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cooking, laundry and other Sisyphus chores

I love to cook. Really, really love it. I love to figure out what sounds wonderful and then create something grand and delicious out of a lot of little things. I love the security of knowing that what we are eating is healthy and mostly organic.I love that my kids will someday remember that I made dinner and that we ate together almost every single night. What I don't love is the monotony of creating meals. EVERY.SINGLE. DAY.

How in the world do you keep it exciting? I try to mix it up and have things that I would want to eat in a restaurant. But really, the best thing about restaurants is instant gratification. Showing up and deciding what you want to eat and twenty minutes later...eating it. And having someone refresh your drink.

My life is not like that at all. And mostly, I am grateful. I decide Sunday what we are eating for dinner the rest of the week. Then I make a menu and a grocery list. I also ask my youngest what she wants to take for lunch. Her answer is ALWAYS the same. "Mac and cheese, ham sandwich, ham and butter crackers, cheese sticks and crackers, and..." She eats like a champ for lunch so her lunch consists of one of the above AND all of the following; an apple, mandarin oranges/applesauce, a granola bar, some cookies and pretzels. She eats almost all of it every day.

So, Sunday I shop. And the rest of the week, I cook. Awesome. Healthy. Gratifying. And never ending.

My other never ending chore is laundry. Any mother with more than one kid will tell you it is never, freaking ending! We always have laundry and it is never done. Right now, I have four loads waiting, one washing and one drying. One sitting folded waiting to be put away. And our laundry hampers are full and waiting to be emptied.  My husband and I work out most days, and so that equals at least two changes per day per person. And I know half the clothes that I fold for my kids will end up in the laundry unworn. We stopped using paper towels (too wasteful) and so I wash towels every day.  Endless!

My oldest does her own laundry and my youngest will start when she turns 10 next month. So, there is some relief in sight. But the towels alone might do me in. I guess I should be happy I have a washer and dryer. I should be grateful  that we have clothing, sheets and towels. That I can plan delicious dinners with fancy ingredients and actually cook and eat them.  I am truly grateful. I really, really am.

Every. Single. Day.

Sisyphus was forever pushing that boulder. Wonder if he'd change places with me?

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