Monday, January 23, 2012

Cooking: Monday and the search for a new drug

" I want a new that won't make me sick..."
Yes, I am quoting Huey...Come on, cut me some slack,I spent hours in skating rinks in the early 80's. I learned the songs.

 My quest to find a new source of caffeine has been interesting. I love coffee and drink lots of  very strong cups of it every morning. But it is taking it's toll on my stomach. I have been drinking tea instead and while it gives me my caffeine, it does  not taste like  my beloved coffee.

Source: via Tim on Pinterest

So, I asked all my Facebook friends if they had any suggestions and they did not disappoint.I am currently trying English breakfast tea. We shall see. I am not in love...but we are friendly.

This week, as always, we are running around. Band concerts, swim practice and orthodontic appointments to name a few things. So meals are to be  quick, easy and sometimes crock pot friendly.

I am also in a rut...too  much soup has addled my brain. Seriously, I made chicken soup, gumbo, and squash soup last week AND thawed ribollita.  My family didn't complain, but they were grumpy.

So, if anyone has any suggestions for dinners, please send them my way. Before there is mutiny aboard the SS Swann.

Dinner (no soup) at Casa Swann

black beans and rice, fajita meat
venison goulash, salad with almonds and pears
omelets (ortho day)
baked chicken, baked sweet potatoes,  black beans and rice

Enjoy this for the rest of the day....

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