Saturday, January 7, 2012

Reading: The new year

Last year my reading was all over the page, so to speak. 
I read any book that I found interesting when I picked it up. Sort of a zen style of reading...whatever caught my eye or crossed my path, I read. Or I bogarted my best friend's book club reads. Vicariously being in a club is the way to go.

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This year, I am going to read with more of a plan or purpose, I suppose.
I am compiling a list of 30 books I want to read. As that is roughly half of what I read this year, I figure it is a good number to start with. Last year, I threw it out on Facebook that I was looking for something to read. I got a lot of great suggestions and so I am starting with those. 
Also, there are some "classics" that I have not read or have not read with an "adult" mind. 
(Who am I kidding, I am no more an adult than I am a runway model.)

I have been thinking about this list for a month or so. I perused the Barnes and Noble yesterday. I hit the McKay's before I went to the beach and bought a few that I intended to save until the new year. I have put a few on hold at the library (my love/hate relationship with our library is ongoing, but I am going to give it another try.) Hopefully between my girlfriends, the library, the McKays, and the occasional purchase of a real, NEW book, I will read all the books I want to read. 

Do you have any titles that you intend to read in 2012? 
If so, please, please, please share them with me. As I fully intend to set my goal at 100 again, I will need more books to flesh out my reading list. Sister LOVES suggestions!

The List of Books, 2012 edition
  1. Unbroken
  2. The Hours
  3. All the Devils are Here
  4. Boomerang
  5. Sarah's Key
  6. The Sound and the Fury
  7. Ulysses
  8. The Omnivore's Dilemma
  9. Middlesex
  10. Bossypants
  11. The Grapes of Wrath
  12. In Defense of Food
  13. The Poisonwood Bible
  14. The Paris Wife
  15. The Pillars of the Earth
  16. Kisses From Katie
  17. What the Dog Saw
  18. Wuthering Heights
  19. Steve Jobs
  20. Atlas Shrugged
  21. True Prep
  22. A Simple Path
  23. In the Garden Of Beasts
  24. The Complete Idiots Guide to Understanding Islam
  25. Jane Eyre
  26. Stern Men
  27. Van Gogh: The Life
  28. Wolf: The Lives of Jack London
  29. Salvage the Bones
  30. Delta Wedding

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