Friday, January 13, 2012

The list: it is growning

The new year is 13 days old. 
My to do list is slowly coming together. I don't want to rush. 
Mostly because I am lazy and don't want to think about it, but partly because I want it to count.

Thus far, I have the following:
  1. Stick to "it" 
  2. Purge like my life depends on it
  3. Get my kids to eat more protein for breakfast
  4. Get a job
  5. Finish my list of 30, plus read 70 more books
  6. Do my "Powers of a Positive Mom" daily Bible readings. 
  7. Exercise 5 days a week and keep a journal
That's it so far. I figure I will unearth more as I am purging, both my house and my soul.

It's Friday... time to rock around the clock!

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