Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Gratituesday: Art

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I never can get it right. Art,especially visual art,  is a huge part of my life.
My dream as a teenager was to either be a chef or an art buyer  (thank you Whitley Gilbert!).
Both are highly involved in the appreciation of artistic talents. 

 I have a lot of artists in my family, including my great aunt who painted the above painting of me as a toddler, my step mom and a few others lurking around.  My grandmother is an art collector and got me started by giving me one of my first pieces in college.
Art history was my favorite class in college and I have spent a lot of time in both the St. Louis art museum and the local one here in Chattanooga. My kids both are into art and even my husband has a great appreciation for art. I think that is one of the things that drew me to him. I am always amazed by how people express their emotions via drawing, painting or sculpting.

Art makes me happy. And, as I like to be happy, I have a lot of art in my house.
I would rather spend my money on art. Now, I don't necessarily buy expensive art, my budget is more beer than champagne. But I would rather have art than clothes. Hence, my walls and mantel are full and my closet empty and dated. Some of my best gifts have been art pieces.
Mother's day


I am very grateful that both of my daughters love art as well. They both enjoy making it, like most other kids, and are very creative. However, they both have an appreciation for other people's art. We have been lucky to live in an art centric city and have spent hours at art museums, festivals and just walking around, looking at installations. One of my daughter's wants to be an artist when she grows up and the other is always creating models and blue prints of buildings she wants to build one day.

Daughter # 2 art
Daughter #1 art
I feel that having creative object around you inspires you. I only have to look up from anywhere in my house and see something that creates an emotion in me. I think I have passed that onto my kids as well. My youngest daughter bought her first piece of art in second grade. I am lucky that they are both artists and their art graces my walls along with art that I have bought. Being able to appreciate someone's views is important to being a citizen of the world and art is an outlet for those views. 
Being able to appreciate someone's creativity other than your own is one of the best things about being human.
Heirloom, family and bought all fill my collection.

 I am also lucky that my husband tolerates my art addiction. He even feeds it sometimes and knows that if he can't find me on vacation, I am usually looking at art.

Vacation souvenir

I am grateful for all the creative juices that fill my walls and my life with beauty. 

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