Monday, May 14, 2012

Food: Sunshine menu

Nothing really to say today other then
"Happy Mother's Day!" 
Mine was fabulous, laid back and full of fun.
Kinda like me!
I got taken to brunch, the Chattanooga Market, to watch a movie, to drive my daughter to a friend's house and lovely wine glasses as a gift.
I also got lots of "Best mom ever!" and " I love you so much!" and "Thanks for making my lunch!"

Here's a video  of a song that makes me think of my girls to start your week off right...

This week's Casa Swann Menu
  •  Tomato and zucchini soup, kitchen sink salad
  •  baked chicken, twice baked sweet potatoes, salad
  • hamburger steak, salad and roasted broccoli
  • bbq chicken legs, roasted  veggies, green beans, salad 
**See the theme here...salad. I am on a mission to keep what little metabolism I have left kicking! 

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