Monday, September 30, 2013

Cooking: GO Big Blue!

When my girls were little and asked what was for dinner I would tell them...
"poop on a stick". Yes, I know...twisted and gross. But bathroom humor is huge with little kids and at my house, all the time. So, when I told them something disgusting and nasty, they would be relieved it was baked sweet potatoes and chicken. Winner, winner, chicken dinner.
Yesterday, my youngest asked what was for dinner and when I told her, she said "I miss the days of poop on a stick". Boom...tradition. 

My week this week is pretty easy. Only one late night and no swim meets.
Friday is the  Baylor/ McCallie game, so we are all hyped up this week. 

 Chattanooga looks a lot like this... with these flags everywhere...

Go Tornadoes Casa Swann Menu
  • homemade sauce/meatballs/ Greek Salad
  • Tomato zucchini soup/ sausages
  • Fish tacos/ southwest quinoa salad
  • chili

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