Sunday, September 15, 2013

Dirt: I'm a little controlling...

* Warning:This is a little preachy and defensive...

 I catch a whiff of how I am viewed by other moms occasionally.
I am sometimes shocked at how rigid they see me. I am "the mom with no junk food in her house" "the mom who does not allow American Dad to be watched"  "the mom who grows her own food". 
These are all true, at least in part. I don't buy a lot of junk food as my family lacks the ability to ration. "These people" include me.I believe television is for entertainment and I personally love it. But I believe kids internalize what is "okay" by watching shows. Hence ICarly and Caillou were also banned. (If you don't know why, watch an episode.) I am also a "organic gardener" meaning I grow basil and and tomatoes.
Sad tomatoes.
One mom recently recalled my child refusing to watch something at her house because she was in 3rd grade and  not allowed. She initially said it was  Spongebob (which I know was an exaggeration, because I love Spongebob). Her point was made, however. I am the overprotective mom. And I am. When it comes
 to junk, I am. Brain junk, food junk, junk mail, I am reluctant to just set my kids free. (My daughter just reminded me I bought a copy of Teen Vogue and read it cover to cover before I bought a subscription for her.) I will admit, I am a little controlling.

But my feelings, no, my belief is this. You can always give more, it is much harder to take it back. Putting your kid on a diet? Heartbreaking. Removing a fact learned about sex or drugs before someone is truly mature enough to handle it? Impossible. Taking back is really hard.

We have made numerous mistakes along the way. Hearing the rudest things come out of our kids mouths after hours of watching television. The casual treatment of things given at too early an age. The over-indulgence on the junk foods which are chemically created to encourage just that.

My kids are not living in a bubble by any means. We are lovers of junk. 
Up until we had kids, we watched television with abandon, including while we ate dinner. 
We still "treat" ourselves to weekly Italian ice, popsicles, ice cream and more.(Sunday's at the farmer's market are a free for all of Italian Ice and corn dogs).My kids love Walking Dead and never miss an episode. My oldest child, like me, swears like a sailor.
Junk, junk, junk.

My youngest would live on a diet of boxed macaroni and cheese, processed chicken "nuggets" and ice cream, if allowed. However, as a parent and guide, it is my job to make sure they don't find their way without help.

I know I am not alone in this.  There are so many parents, most smarter and better educated than me ( Laura Ingalls Wilder, You Had the Right Idea ), who are invested in what is going on with their kids. I wonder if they are shocked when they get a glimpse of how they are perceived?

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