Monday, September 16, 2013

Menu: Computers are people too

After yesterday's post, I am sure I seem like a holier than thou parent.
Far from it. I am just learning and sharing the trip. Bumps and all.

We are entering a brave new world and I for one have mixed feelings about it. 
I love my technology, am addicted to the stuff. My kids are as well. Which is hard. Brains are getting wired and it makes me concerned that computers are doing the wiring instead of the other way around.

One thing I love about my computer use is documentation of mine and my family stories. 
We are losing generations. My grandmother is the last of that generation in my family and I have not seen her in two years. Hard. The last two times I spent time with her, I wrote her stories down. She has some amazing ones, which she thinks are silly or not important.

Blogging for me, is a way to keep track of some of my stories, during my 4th decade alive. My kids will remember most of the stuff I blog about so I wish I had done it earlier.

Computers. Love 'em or leave 'em.

Casa Swann Menu Last Week of Summer
  • Homemade sauce and meatballs/ sour dough bread/ 
  • Crockpot Balsamic chicken/sauteed kale/ grilled zucchini
  • Italian sausage/ kale and quinoa salad/ grilled peppers and onions
  • Frittata
*I bought $10 of kale at the farmer's market  Sunday...which translates in about $40 at the store

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