Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Whatever: My Christmas List

I have  been remiss with the list. 
But, have no fear, it is coming back in January as part of my 2014 plan.
I love reading everyone's blog this time of year and seeing what fun things they do for the holidays. 
I love a fun, wacky, loud holiday season. 
We don't get much of that here, I am afraid. My husband is an only child (sort of...two much, much younger half siblings that live in Florida and a step-sister who is out of the picture) and while his mom is very fun, she's not loud. My family is spread across three states. Three sisters and a step brother, we are all raising kids and extremely busy. So, our holidays are quiet.

Next week my siblings, parents and kids are all meeting a few hours away for a mini-reunion. Loud, wacky, relaxing and crazy all rolled into one. I hope we play a lot of board games, watch a lot of fun movies and have a lot of ridiculous conversations about serious things such as toe nails, hair color and numbers of gray one has in one's hair. 
(Did I mention I have sisters?)

Here is my list of things I would like to "get done" on vacation.

Outlaws and Inlaws 2011

  1. Finish The Goldfinch and at least one other book
  2. Master Blokus
  3. Finish the "Major Award" puzzle (the leg lamp from A Christmas Story)
  4. Watch A Christmas Story
  5. Take at least 5 walks on the beach
  6. Ride my bike to Grayton and back 
  7. Eat smoked salmon dip
  8. Wear only stretchy pants (after eating a Alleia last night, I need them)
  9. Take my godson shopping for something equally as fabulous as the snake of 2011
  10. Get my daughter's and nieces to put on a show of some sort for us
  11. Hang out with my dad
  12. Go window shopping with my sisters. This is a contact sport
  13. Hear fabulous music
  14. Bond with my siblings
  15. Not gain 7 pounds
Can't wait to see how this line up has changed!

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