Friday, December 27, 2013

Whatever: Merry, merry Christmas

Oh Christmas, you are so wonderful.
The breakneck speed which we hurdle ourselves toward you.
The anxiety of watching and waiting for the presents and the food. The moment when we gather under the tree, bed head and bad breath, coffee in hand to watch as our loved ones open their much anticipated gifts. 
The songs that drive us nuts for a month, but on Christmas Day make us teary eyed and sentimental.  Church with strangers and friends who greet each other with all the joy that is Jesus.
The food, the wine, the fun. All rolled into one big ball of wonderfulness.

Midnight mass this year was a duo for us. Delaney and I went solo to our church downtown. This year was her first midnight mass and my first since she was born. Steve and Ellie were under the weather. The mass was nice. The new priest intense and the fellowship was real. However, there were only two other faces I recognized in the crowd of hundreds. Very surreal.
We came home via empty streets and tumbled into bed by 2 am.
I actually set the alarm so we would get up on time to open presents and head to Steve's mom for much anticipated breakfast. (Why is it when someone else makes you breakfast it is so delicious?) Ellie woke us up at a respectable 7:45 by getting in bed with us and making us laugh, Delaney had to be woken up at 8:15.

We had fun opening gifts and laughing at the fact that I bought them matching pajamas, which is a cardinal sin at their age. That is my absolute favorite time of the season. The bed head girls laughing and posing in front of the tree. The wrapping paper strewn living room and me, sitting there, coffee in hand, relishing every single second.

The rest of our day was lazy and fun. We ate, watched movies, and ate some more.
My parents joined us for our traditional Christmas enchiladas and Christmas crackers.

All was right with the world. 

Merry, merry Christmas 2013.

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