Friday, January 3, 2014

Dirt: Take time to remember the holiday

 My Catholic magazine today had an article about savoring the holiday that just past.
You know...2013?
I usually feel so robbed by the end of the holiday season because I have these unrealistic goals for them. Silly? Yes.This year was different and so was the joy I felt.
My house was really pretty with decorations that I have collected over the years.
Our friends invited us to a lovely party.
Mass was really lovely.

My family was so busy up until the week of Christmas with three holiday choir programs, finals, school parties and friend parties. Steve and I have made the most of short bursts of alone time and a few planned dates, including eating a wonderful Festivus meal at Alleia.

   One of our other dates this holiday season reminded me of us before we got married. Unhinged and ridiculously silly. I planned specific time for the girls as well. Delaney and Ellie each had a turn to spend time with just me, shopping for her sister and her friends. That was really fun.

Tiny tree with the random kid ornaments

Once Christmas week arrived, we were all exhausted, but happy to not be stressed about "what was next". Dinner was made on the day instead of early as I watched Harry Potter with my kids and padded around in my leggings and flannel. I packed for a 6 day long trip the night before while I was doing laundry at 8 pm.

As I sit and look through my three cameras (yes, three) of pictures from this past holiday and sip my hot tea, I am truly amazed how blessed I am to have two healthy, well behaved and independent daughters AND a husband who clearly adores us all. Mostly I am lucky to have a great family, wonderful friends and above all the fortune to realize that they are important.

Christmas tree at the beach

My list this year will be a little different.
More of what Christmas was like and less of what I think I need to be doing.

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