Sunday, January 19, 2014

Dirt: You're so lame...

On November 9th I created a new list, which I promptly forgot about...
Let's check in two months later to see how well I did. 


  1. Use my phone less when I am with my family: crappy
  2. Make one room a priority each day: okay...I usually get the kitchen and one other room straight before bed.
  3. Take my children to church more often :Nope
  4. Talk to my five every week (I actually have 6, but I think the commercial is 5): Does one a week count? If so,yes.
  5. Work out five times a week :four is my revised and I hit it for the first time this week
  6. Clean out my closet and really purge: ISH
  7. clean out Steve's closet and really purge :ISH
  8. Take each of my daughters on a date once a month: Did this in December and Ellie and I have been to cotillion every Sunday this month...
  9. Continue my trail run date with Steve (I love this) : Not in two months. Life and weather have gotten in the way
  10. Write one handwritten card once a week :Thank you notes this past week! Accidental accomplishment
  11. Make 10 new friends in 2014: So far...none.
  12. Make a gingerbread house with my girls. A real one. A HUGE one. NOPE
  13. Talk to my parents more often (texting does not count0: talked to my mom this week AND texted her
  14. Make time for my favorite people: Hmmm
  15. Watch more television ( I literally watch 1  hour a week...I am so out of the loop) ;Check! Downton is back on, Goldbergs are hilarious and so is Modern Family
  16. Spend less time on my computer when I am not working : nope
  17. Finish the damn outside project I started in May BEFORE Christmas: too cold!
  18. Eat more protein: Nope
  19. Connect with my two nephews that I have lost a connection with: Nope
  20. take my vitamins: ish
  21. Craft more with my daughters: Hell no...who has time?
  22. Paint my bedroom :nope
  23. figure out how to use a saw so I can build the outside table I want: again...too cold
  24. Read more books :Finally! YES! #5 is underway
  25.  volunteer for something and stick with it...: Foodbank
  26. Spend more time with my sisters...: We are planning a weekend
Some of these became my true New Year list, but it is kind of sad how many things I want to do that I make excuses not to do. Follow through is not my strong suit. Neither is remembering. I need to add both of those to my list.

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