Saturday, January 4, 2014

Dirt: What happened

As I start 2014 I am taking stock of a few things including my blog.
Blogging started as a way for me to keep track of my life and my life's goals. At the time, I was struggling to find my way. I did not realize it at the time, but I was lost. My kids were swiftly approaching that point where they really did not need me physically as much. I was looking for something fulfilling in my life and so, I started a blog.

My 40th birthday celebration and the reason I started this blog

Three years later and here I am. High school and middle school daughters, full time job,  still looking for the answers. My five things are still the same. Cooking, exercising, reading, dirt and of course, that all encompassing Whatever.  I have cooked a lot of meals, exercised sporadically and read a lot of books, dealt with a lot of dirt and I am still full of "whatever". 

My favorite bookstore in the world...Sun Dog Books...decked out for New Year's Eve

My book reading has drastically decreased over the past three years. From 61 books in 2011 to only 25 in 2013. I fully intend to remedy that situation. My  iPhone has taken over my life and I am determined to fix that.  Kindle is my new friend and, while it took me a bit to fall in love, I am fully committed.

Cooking is sometimes a chore. My goal of 6 dinners a week at home is harder now that I am working. Planning is harder as I struggle to factor in drive time and prep. I will get there. My family and our daily  dinners are a huge priority in my life.  I started a dinner log ala Dinner A Love Story, and I plan on utilizing it to get myself where I need to be as far as dinner is concerned. 

My fabulous grocery store fireworks!

Exercise is harder, as I am the queen of deal making. "I'll workout tomorrow" is way to easy too say. However, my rear view is not looking so hot and I refuse to "give up". So, my new plan is a little more realistic for 2014. 

Dirt is dirt and we all have it. Mine is ugly and stinky. A year of wallowing in my conflicted mourning of my mom taught me that. Facing it seems so hard until  you actually do so. Then, like everything else it is manageable. 

The rest is... well..."Whatever." 
Happy 2014!


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