Sunday, January 5, 2014

Whatever: Our family holiday trip

I have sat around in my pajamas for the last 36 hours, fighting some sort of virus that alternately has me feeling feverish and nauseous.  Lovely. Tea, water and for some reason last night,  oven roasted carrots have been my diet making that diet resolution pretty mute. I have worked on my blog and edited most of the pictures from the holidays. Sad they are over.

My family met in Florida for a very nice, relaxing holiday reunion that has become our  bi-annual tradition over the past 7 years. Unfortunately we were plagued with illness. My brother and sister-in-law and their two sons did not even make it due to the flu. My sister was a day late due to stomach bug, which she accidentally shared with me, our other sister and my oldest daughter. Still, the trip was fun.

Mad that she has to hang out with someone other than her sick mom
 We did a record 4 puzzles, played a lot of cards, drank a fair amount of yummy wine, cooked a lot of meals and really just hung out. I hung out with my dad a lot this trip, just being. Not something I get to do very often. I also spent a lot of time with my brother-in-law, who after about 10 years of a tenuous relationship, I finally consider my dear friend.

First of four puzzles
 We celebrated Christmas together with the kids and my parents. We do elaborate stockings for the adults and the kids draw each other's names. My parents get presents and we get the vacation. Winner-winner-chicken dinner (or hat).

Wearing all of her presents...including her pot holder

Wearing my potholder
 The gift opening was hilarious with my brother-in-laws cracking us all up with jokes and Steve pinching my sister's gifts and using her stocking as a tissue to mess with her. Amazing what almost 20 years of knowing someone allows you to do.

All in all, it was a great time. I read a lot and really got some good sleep. The house had a heated pool and our kids played a lot on the beach and in the pool. I think that was probably the best part of the house, the fact that we could literally throw a rock and hit the beach and that our kids could go down there by themselves.

The stair steps...minus 4

 Steve and I pawned our kids off on my sisters and had a fun date on new year's eve. Then we took Delaney to go hear two great bands. Steve was not feeling well, so we cut it short and went home to set off fireworks. As always, too short, but still great.

Fun times to carry me through the rest of the winter.

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