Monday, January 13, 2014

Cooking: Menu and back to it

We have a new tradition at our house. 
Daddy's Sunday night pizza. 
Daddy aka CBITW aka Steve got a new Lodge pizza pan for Christmas and he can toss a mean pizza crust. So, winner, winner chicken dinner...we have pizza for dinner on Sunday. Last night my favorite group of blonde women came to dinner and brought yummy red wine and we ate roasted peppers, kitchen sink salad and four types of pizza. I love my life.

Next week, we are trying the paleo cauliflower crust recipe that my mom posted on my Facebook page. This week was my last hurrah before going back to something that has worked for me for years to keep my stomach happy and flat. That is not a super secret diet with a fancy name. Nope, it called eat grains and drink wine only on the weekend.  Truth be told, it's a little "Body For Life" and Paleo all rolled into one. We did Body for Life after each pregnancy and both lost all our baby weight (yes, husbands gain it too). 
I have a bad habit of getting comfortable and quitting things that work. DUMB! So, back I go to what makes me happy and keeps me slim.

This week, we are eating well, as always. I am eating the same thing for two days because I love it and I am lazy. Also, we got into this great deal where you order food and pick it up on Thursdays, cooked and ready to go! Last week it was crab stuffed tilapia, broccoli, rice, salad and bread. With homemade salad dressing. 

We will be having whatever they offer us this Thursday. I don't care what it is. If I have to eat soup again, I will as long as I don't have to cook.

I love my life.

Back to IT! Casa Swann Menu

Roasted tomato soup/ sausage with feta
Sesame Crockpot Chickendouble broccoli quinoa/roasted carrots/tomato soup *
Taco Salad with ground beef or shrimp
Pick up dinner
Who knows...

*Okay... a few grains for me. 

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