Sunday, January 5, 2014

Cooking: First week

The forecast for tomorrow is 17 degrees and snow. 
I think that sounds lovely. Except that I have to go to work and I am still fighting the virus that has plagued me for the last few days. 

Still, I am looking forward to a lovely week of  back to normal with school, work and the gym (starting Tuesday.) We have been cooking like crazy all weekend (Steve has been, that is). Venison stew is in the oven as we speak. My house smells warm and is very cozy.
my mother-in-laws dog, Beau...I love him so much.

One of my new year's plans is to take my lunch more often to work instead of relying on going to Whole Foods for an expensive salad. If I can cut it down to once a week, that would be a great help.

 I have returned to my lost love Pinterest for some ideas for dinner. Funny how many hundreds of pins I saved that pertain to food.
Here are some links to what I am cooking/eating this first week of 2014.

Swann First Week of 2014 menu

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